Cat's Cradle features rooms with solid walls, not cages. Each room is complete with various sleeping ledges, warmed with hand-made quilts.

Private bath with an assortment of litters.

Walk-in closet for storing any personal items.

Private, screened-in porches.

Rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.


Most first-time guests adjust to our cat-friendly environment with 24 hours.

When returning for a second visit, most kitties know exactly where they are, some will even walk directly to the room they were in during their first visit.

We try to board your kitty in the same room every time, if possible.


Dining at Cat's Cradle involves a wide variety of the most popular premium foods.

  Bedtime servings of tuna treats. Catnip fresh from the farm.  


Two large play areas provide our guests with an assortment of entertainment, including a bird observation area.....
 aquarium, stairs for exercise and scenic overlook, numerous toys and feathers, and a TV for viewing cat videos.



At Cat's Cradle, we don't shy away from guests who need special medical care.

Many of our guests require daily drug administration and monitoring.

Our experience benefits our guests with top quality care and special attention.



Pickups and deliveries are available for your convenience. The Cat's Cradle Cruiser will arrive at your location to provide a safe and comfortable journey.


All room prices include food, bedding, litter, catnip, tuna treats and lots of attention.
Rates for stays of longer than 12 weeks are negotiable.

Room Type

Up to 3 Weeks

3-6 Weeks

7-12 Weeks
Price per Night
Price per Week
Price per Week
Standard Size
1 Cat $16.00
with deck
2 Cats $28.00
Smaller Size
1 Cat $14.00
without deck
2 Cats $25.00
Family Rooms
1 Cat $17.00
without deck
2 Cats $29.00
3 Cats $34.00
Minimum charge for
Minimum charge for
Minimum charge for
up to 3 Cats
up to 3 cats
up to 3 cats
$42.00 per night
$240.00 per week
$210.00 per week
Each additional cat
Each additional cat
Each additional cat
$9.00 per night
$50.00 per week
$31.50 per week

$2.00 per day for each medication administered.
$5.00 per day for insulin injections.

Cats Cradle Cruiser Drop off/Pickup Rates:
$19.00 within a 30 mile radius each for pickup, delivery, vet, and grooming appointments.

Further distances negotiable.

Please Note: Guests are charged for the day they check in, but not charged for the day they're
checked out when checked out by 1 p.m. Guests departing after 1 p.m. are charged for a full day.


Now Accepting Credit Cards.


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